When will North Texas’ booming economy come crashing down? Here’s what history says


PLN-2018-06-01-04Plano council members appear set for a decisive vote on a plan to guide development in the city’s Oak Point area, a guiding document for developers and city officials that has traveled a rocky path toward the finish line.

The Plano City Council on June 12 directed city staff to bring back the Envision Oak Point plan for a vote as early as the July 23 meeting. The decision came nearly a month after City Manager Bruce Glasscock initially withdrew the proposal from consideration, citing misinformation surrounding the plan and potentially “unresolvable” differences of opinion.

For more than a year, city of Plano officials gathered public input on the future of Oak Point, a 1-square-mile area east of US 75 that contains some of the city’s most prized public amenities as well as large tracts of undeveloped land and struggling shopping centers. City staff had crafted and tweaked the plan, which was intended in part to attract significant residential and mixed-use investment to a historically development-challenged area east of US 75.

“The purpose of a vision is to let those [developers]  who want to come here know that we clearly have an idea of what we want our community to look like,” Mayor Harry LaRosiliere said. “If we don’t have a vision, the capital and those who want to invest will go to the place where there is.”

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