5 Tenant Demands Reshaping The Office Market

Tara Lerman, BisnowTenant

Tenant preferences are constantly changing, and office space is evolving with them. The modern office has transformed from a destination into an experience, and building managers are customizing their space to align with tenant needs and habits.

As buildings fight to keep up with these evolving tenant needs, they are implementing a streamlined, tech-driven approach to help tenants define their space. Here are five ways tenant preferences are shaping the modern office.

1. PropTech For The Office

Millennials are changing the property search process. Millennials make up one-third of the U.S. labor force, and 25% of millennials already hold leadership positions. As more millennials grow into executive roles within their organizations, the way that companies search for office space is changing. More companies are turning to PropTech to inform the property search. Platforms like LoopNet and Reonomy allow potential tenants to customize their property search and find a space that most closely aligns with their company’s goals.

There are also several PropTech platforms that can equip buildings with the tools to help tenants activate and engage with their space. Tenant engagement platforms like Skyrise and Tenenx provide a direct line of communication between office tenants and building managers. Property owners and managers can chat with tenants, send news and announcements to the entire building and customize amenities and services for tenants. PropTech solutions also provide an efficient way for offices to keep up with evolving tenant preferences.

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