Downtown Dallas’ newest office address in the West End is almost ready for tenants

With seven floors, the new Luminary Building towers over downtown Dallas’ West End district.

The more than 100,000-square-foot building on Houston Street started construction in late 2017 and will open its doors in the coming weeks.

“Outside of the Arts District, this is the first multitenant office building to be built downtown in 30 years,” said John Zogg, managing director of project developer Crescent Real Estate. “Being the highest building in the West End puts us above everybody, and you just can’t miss it.”

Designed by Corgan, the office building will house about 20,000 square feet of expansion space for the Dallas architect, which has its longtime office next door.

The top three floors have over 80,000 square feet of office space that Crescent is marketing to other firms.

Zogg said there has been a lot of traffic through the building by prospective tenants. “Now that you can see and touch it, it’s like a light was switched on, and we have a lot of interest,” he said. “We have letters of intent out for four tenants that represent five floors of space, and we only have three.

“I’m not saying all of those will happen, but there is good activity.”

Zogg said most prospective tenants are out-of-town firms looking to expand in Dallas. “Three co-working groups are looking at the building,” he said.

The top three floors of office overhang the parking garage and lower-level business space. Windows on two sides of the office floors are 14 feet high with views of downtown, Victory Park and the Design District.

With Stemmons Freeway running on the west side of the Luminary, the building gets a lot of visibility.

“The thing that is good about this building that a lot of people didn’t realize is the signage opportunity,” Zogg said. “There are a half-million cars that pass by there every day on Stemmons.

The seventh floor of the newly constructed Luminary has sweeping panoramic views of Uptown Dallas.(Tom Fox/Staff Photographer)

Steve Brown, Real Estate Editor

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