City Of Anna Next In Line In The North Texas Development Boom

Charles Schwab, Toyota and Jamba Juice are three very different companies with one thing in common: They moved out of their California headquarters to make a new home in North Texas.

Companies have been leaving California in droves for years, with an estimated 13,000 businesses moving out between 2008 and 2016. As company executives search for states with more business-friendly tax climates and affordable housing options, many have found what they are looking for in North Texas. As the great corporate migration spreads north from Dallas-Fort Worth through Frisco and McKinney, the area next in line is the flourishing city of Anna.

“Many companies have moved to Collin County after seeing the amazing opportunities this area has to offer,” Anna Economic Development Corp. Director Joey Grisham said. “Anna offers these businesses a pro-growth mentality, ample land options and the housing affordability that many company decision-makers are seeking.”

by: Julia Troy, City of Anna, EDC

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