About Murphy Cheatham

Murphy Cheatham will save your firm time, money, and effort whether seeking space for your business expansion or matching the best real estate use with your source(s) of capital. He specializes in securing commercial real estate for clients, procuring sources capital for economic development projects, and managing the development process across all sectors or real estate.

Murphy Cheatham’s professional growth has enabled him to articulate problems, identify effective solutions, and capitalize on opportunities within urban and rural regions. Throughout his career, he has created value in the business of real estate. Murphy has created global economic impact while consistently delivering meaningful change whether it is valuating a commercial lease, increasing a business’s profit margin, matching a real estate product with the funding source(s) or establishing a market where there has not been an investment for decades. Murphy’s commitment to economic development through identifying value where others have not has given him the ability to incorporate lasting impact both in the private and public sectors. Murphy combines his Masters in Real Estate Development, with a Bachelors in Accounting; along with certificates in Economic/Housing Development, Construction/Production Management, and LEED AP.

He understands and will combine all aspects of quantifying real estate needs to assist in your investment including:

– Identify Preferred Locations
– Define Area Demographics
– Analyse and Negotiate a Lease Structure
– Terms
– Lease Language
– Timing
– Assist Tenant Improvements
– Planning Process
– Construction Coordination
– Approval Process

He is a long standing advisory board member of Business Community Lenders (BCL) of Texas, Grambling State University’s Foundation and the College of Business, respectively. He is an active member of the The Real Estate Council (TREC), Dallas Urban League Young Professionals, and the Urban Land Institute (ULI).

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